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Dear Mr. Parker Essay

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It was four o’clock in afternoon and University’s library was almost empty. Biggest group of students was sitting around a big round table in the centre of library’s hall. They were furiously whispering and pointing into some notes, showing some diagrams to each other and rolling dices. Away from them almost in a corner nearby scanning machine a blonde guy was reading a book.
His table was empty: no can’s of coke, no biscuits, and no notes. There was only a red pen in a front of him. Sometimes guy stretched his arm, picked a pen and crossed something in a book. He didn’t pay attention to a humming noise from main table or to a girl who was watching him for quite a while.
She was sitting in ...view middle of the document...

‘Do you like it?’ She said.
‘Do I like exactly what?’
‘The book you were reading. Do you like it?’
‘Yes.’ He said. ‘I like it. Do you?’
She bit her lower lip.
‘Do I what?’
‘Do you like what you are reading?’
She glanced at magazines she brought with her. One of them was about macromolecular engineering.
‘Yeah.’ She said. ‘I like literature. Not all blondes are stupid you know.’
‘No, they are not.’ He picked his book again and started to read. It was a ‘No Country for Old Men’.
Girl opened her purse and took out a small mirror. She fixed her hair a bit and showed mirror back.
‘You know, I saw a movie.’ She said. ‘The killer had that strange weapon. It looked like a gas balloon with a plastic hose. I never understood why he didn’t use a proper gun.’
Guy looked at her again.
‘Do you really want to know?’
She nodded.
‘It was a captive bolt pistol. Anton Chigurh used it because people to him were not more than animals. He didn’t just kill all these people. He had slaughtered them like cows in a slaughterhouse because no man is better than an animal.’
Girl frowned.
‘You are one of these philosophy freaks, aren’t you? Who thinks that people are not better than animals and animals deserve better treatment and blah blah bla, it’s your subject isn’t?’...

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