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Descriptive Essay: A Healing Place

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In my hometown, there is not much to do on any night of the week, so many nights I found myself walking around town with my friends. After walking an hour of so we would often become tired and need a rest. The swing along the Mississippi River was always a great resting spot. The metal swing fits up to four people and has a great view of the Lock and Dam. Although the swing was cold when we first sat down, it would soon warm up and sometimes we would end up staying there for hours just talking. The swing was also beneficial to us in times when we were feeling really stressed. Sitting on the swing gave me rest, relaxation, and peace. This is important to everyone, but many people find it hard to schedule relaxation  time. Between school, work, and other activities I often found it difficult to find time to relax and think. Finding a place that is peaceful can be even more difficult for some people. Not many people would think of a swing on the main road into town as a peaceful place, but I found it to be a great place. Places similar to this swing offer a place for people to get away from the hurrying and busyness they experience throughout the day. The place is calm and peaceful, and it offers beautiful sites to look at and watch. It is also secluded and away from much of the busy life of the town.

As I said before, my swing is located right along the main road into town and just outside the business district yet the swing still has a calmness about it. When I had a rough day at school, I would often go there because I knew I could be alone. The swinging motion of the swing reminds me of when I was a small child. The moving back and forth soothes me now just as it did when my mother would rock me back to sleep after I awoke from a bad dream. Sometimes hours passed by as I watch the barges and boats pass through the Lock and Dam. This patient watching gave me time to think and organize my thoughts. I did not have to worry about people bothering me. I could watch the squirrels play and listen to the birds sing in the many trees that provided plenty of shade. Many people do not have the option of living along a river but the calmness can still be found in every town. Almost every town has some sort of park. Many people think that parks are for children to play in, not a relaxing place for adults. This is not completely true. Parks offer a spot to sit and relax, to take in the fresh air and watch the birds and squirrels in the shade trees. The singing of the birds can be a very relaxing sound that helps people find peace within themselves. Fresh air is a bonus for people who are stuck in an office all day. Parks are a place for people to get away from their busy lives and relax. They are places that people can sit, think and just be alone.

Parks are not only a place to relax but also a place to see nature's true beauty. In many large cities the streets are lined with street signs and billboards. Trees and plants are not a part of the...

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