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Descriptive Essay On A Place: Charlie's Cabin

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“CRACK” The newly cut wood sends bits and pieces of red hot coals in all directions, but are blocked down quickly by the charcoaled black cast iron wood burner. The unexplainable scent of the surroundings crawls into your nose and give you the constant reminder that you are in Charlie’s Bear Valley cabin.As you first drive into the small, but promising valley, you know that within minutes you will be in the cabin that makes dreams come true. As you pull into the long driveway, you cannot wait for the car to be thrown into park so you can run up the creaky wooden stairs and throw open the door and enter the good old cabin.When you enter the cabin, a feeling of hospitality that you have never felt comes over you. A scent that you have never smelled begins to enter your lungs. It’s a sort of smell that you smell when you enter your grandmothers house, but modified. It has a heavier more personal taste to it. As you take in this scent, you know its one that will not be forgotten any time soon, it’s so distinct that you can only find it in the cabin.After you have absorbed the smell to its fullest, you begin to look around and see how this wooden cabin is furnished. The furniture, carpet, curtains, and tile give of such a retro feeling, like you have entered the Brady Bunch’s home. With a huge ball of happiness building up in your stomach, you begin to open all the doors in the cabin, revealing what each room has to offer. The layout of the cabin seems very confusing, you can’t open certain doors unless the one next to it is closed, and there are two bathrooms right next to each other. As you continue to explore the wondrous cabin, you come across a small kitchen that has food left behind from pervious visits. The whole feel of the kitchen is not like the one you have at your house, it has a much more friendly...

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