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The early childhood occurs between the ages of birth to 8 years old The developmental stages of children are the focus of this paper. In this paper, I have renamed all the children being observed to protect their innocence. Therefore, Destiny is the name I have given the first child. She is three years old. The observation takes place in the comfort of her home on 2/14/14 at 2:00pm. Upon my arrival, Destiny smiled, but was averse to speak. Her mother and I went in her room where there were two other children. Hello Kitty décor beautify every corner of the room. Let’s play outside Destiny says. She puts on her coat, but has some ...view middle of the document...

He says today is Wednesday, February 26, 2014. Mrs. Leman transitioned to intervention group instruction. Mrs. Violet the teacher’s assistant works with Henry for math. Henry looks at the math paper and says I don’t know how to do this. Mrs. Violet reassures Henry that she would elucidate the lesson. Using a white board and manipulative, Mrs. Violet shows Henry ways to solve two digit addition problems. Henry says oh! I know how to do this. Henry continues to work the other problems independently. He says what time is it? Mrs. Violet replied it’s 10:30A.M. It’s almost time for lunch.
In gym class Henry runs speedily around the gym. He says to his classmates, I can beat you running. Ms. Bell gave the class an opportunity for free play. Henry and his classmates play a game of basketball. He maneuvers the ball with control.
Mary, age 5 a Pre-kindergarten student at Liberty Elementary School. Upon my arrival, the students were in centers for choice play. Today’s date is March 14, 2014. Mary is in the dramatic play area. She takes out...

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1239 words - 5 pages someone being wounded” (David Reiss, Children and Violence) “In examining the Child Behavior Check List (CBCL), 45% of the scores of the children in this sample fell at or within the clinical range for behavior problems on this measure.”( David Reiss, Children and Violence) What Kind of Effects That Can be Occurs Because of The Violence? There is a lot of effect than can be occurs from violence, and violence itself, it does not have to be physical

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2097 words - 9 pages family which is referred to by Cauldwell (2012) as improving a child’s educational potential. However Holyfield (2002), disputes that the biggest impact on education is the socioeconomic status of the family surrounding the child. From baseline evidence and speech and language assessments made, it was found that 79.4% of children performed significantly below developmental norms, with developmental related milestones not been reached on entry to the

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