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Above all, Dilma Rousseff is the first female president of Brazil, so since her elections a gender issue plays a big role in the Brazilian patriarchal state, where “the rule of father” is prevalent (Kamla). According to Heidi Hartmann, patriarchy is ‘a set of social relations which has a material base and in which there are hierarchical relations between men, and solidarity among them, which enable them to control women’. Even from the early ages women were under the power of men, who were known to be authority figures. In comparison to men, women were less likely to hold a male gender-typed post and more likely to hold low-valued positions. Since then attitude to female has changed: there ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, they both served time in jail and paved the way for women. Despite these similarities, Dilma Rousseff and Isabel Peron are rather different in terms of ruling the country: the two year presidency of Isabel Peron was not the best; there was violence and cutback of economic activity, whereas Dilma Rousseff is doing her best in terms of economic situation in the country, poverty level, and gender discrimination of the Brazilian population. “Brazil has grown more slowly and growth has been more volatile but the progress in reducing inequality has just been amazing - it is indeed a revolution,” Wetzel said in an interview in Brasilia. “It was a very deliberate policy choice.”
The country which is controlled by Dilma Rousseff is Latin America's largest country and the population is estimated to be about 199.321 million people (Brazil Population 2013). Brazil is also known to be the world’s seventh wealthiest economy. According to The World Bank, the GDP of Brazil is approximately US$ 2,252 trillion in 2013. Specialists at the Centre for Economics and Business Research have made a forecast where Brazil is going to occupy the same position by 2018 in terms of GDP and the fifth by 2023, outperforming such world giants as Russia, Germany and The United Kingdom.
To be in the head of this power is a hard work, which can be done by a strong, powerful and a confident person who is Dilma Rousseff.

Summarizing all the facts, Dilma Rousseff stands by the competent and consistent policy to attract foreign investments, provide employment opportunities (unemployment rate is approximately 6%), guarantee preferential treatment for small businesses, support and reduce taxes for domestic producers. The current president develops facilities for surmounting the crisis.
Moreover, Brazil will host in the nearest future two big sport events which are the...

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