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On the 27th of December 2013 the New Orleans Saints played the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the Mercedes Benz Superdome. In front of thousands of screaming fans, the Saints claimed victory over the Buccaneers, beating them by twenty-five points. The game was played on the Saint’s field, which gives them the upper hand. But the commenters, who praised almost every play they made, favoured the Saints ever so slightly. The televised event also discriminates with their adverts. Although football has male and female fans alike, the ads discriminate against the women, only airing adverts aimed at men. The sexist nature of the adverts is an example of the male dominated football community.
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Women will like it because they can relate to the women in the advert and any man who even vaguely likes puppies will feel like he is the perfect guy. More adverts should be like this one, relatable to both genders. Instead there are an endless amount of truck commercials as well as others that promote masculinity.
Along with adverts promoting masculinity, there were also commercials that used stereotypical men are attracted too in order to grab their attention. One particular SUV commercial had a woman driving recklessly in a “high speed chase” type situation. She was trying to get somewhere on time and drove fast and furious style to impress the men that were with her. Men are known to like action films and this advert was trying to simulate that feel. Another example is a cell phone provider showing a man how to use the phone to purchase presents online for himself. They are playing on a man’s dislike for shopping.
There were also adverts that used football itself to promote their product. One example is an airline company that was promoting the benefits to flying with them. The focal point was the fact that high speed Internet is provided in order to watch the game at 30,000 feet. It was a clever tactic; everyone watching the game enjoys football. Another example is using a football player to promote a product. One player was promoting a cold medicine for a sleep aid. Airing these...

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