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Difference Between The Synonym Group:Offer, Suggest, Propose Yell, Scream, Gaze, Look;

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offer1 to say that you are willing to give someone something, or to hold something out to them so that they can take it : offer sb sth: You haven't offered Grandma any ice cream. | They offered him a very good job but he turned it down. | offer sth to sb: Offer some coffee to the guests.2 to say that you are willing to pay a particular amount of money : offer (sb) sth for: They've offered us £75,000 for the house. | The police are offering a reward for any information.3 to say that you are willing to do something: I don't need any help, but it was nice of you to offer. | offer to do sth: My dad has offered to pick us up. | Shelly didn't even offer to help.4 to provide something that people need or want: He offered no explanation for his actions. | offer sth to sb: Senator Joseph's speech will have offered little comfort to bankrupt businessmen. | have sth to offer (to sb): Edinburgh has a great deal to offer to visitors in the way of entertainment.5 offer (up) a prayer/sacrifice etc to pray to God or give something to God6 offer itself formal if an opportunity offers itself, it happens for you: I shall be ready to raise the matter with him when a suitable occasion offers itself.7 offer your hand to sb to hold out your hand in order to shake hands with someonesuggest1 to tell someone your ideas about what they should do, where they should go etc: If this is not convenient, please suggest another date. | suggest doing sth: John suggested going together in one car. | suggest (that): She suggested that we write that into the contract. | can/may I suggest (=used to politely suggest a different idea): May I suggest that you see a financial advisor? | suggest how/where etc: Can you suggest where to stay in Rio?2 to tell someone about a suitable person for a job : suggest sb for: Mr Roberts Guarino has been suggested for the post of director.3 to make someone think that a particular thing is true; indicate (1): The actual number of rapes may be higher than the statistics suggest.[+ (that)]: There was nothing to suggest that she intended to kill herself.4 to make someone have a new idea : suggest sth to sb: It was a magazine article that suggested the idea to me.5 I'm not suggesting spoken used to say that what you are going to say is not meant to criticize someone as much as it may seem: I'm not suggesting that you are lying, but it is very misleading.6 to remind someone of something or help them to imagine it: The stage was bare, with only the lighting to suggest a prisonpropose1 PLAN formal to suggest something as a plan or course of action: Lyle proposed large cuts in the training budget. | propose that: Hansen has proposed that I become his business partner. | the proposed budget cuts2 AT A MEETING to formally suggest a course of action at a meeting and ask people to vote on it: I propose the admission of Peter King as a new member. | propose a motion (=formally suggest a plan at a meeting) | propose sb (=formally suggest someone for an...

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