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Divine Boundaries Essay

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The enticing limits of knowledge and power have appealed to man as a method of comparison to the divine, however, this immeasurable amount of power comes with the greatest of consequences, and requires true responsibility to be managed. Man is incapable of such control over knowledge, and when the quest for knowledge becomes limitless, then the collapse of the mind becomes inevitable. While the Hell seeking, remorseless Dr. Faustus and the life seeking, guilt stricken Victor Frankenstein may appear distant, it becomes clear that their behaviors mimic similar universal human truths pertaining to the pursuit of acceptance, taking responsibility, and the limitations to one’s own knowledge, that ...view middle of the document...

Once he has finished gaining all earthly knowledge, Faustus moves on to divinity as a leeway for his ever thirsty brain, but he never comes to the realization that he truly never understood the knowledge that he possessed, and could not control his own destiny. The limits of knowledge are uncontrollable and without true wisdom, the weight becomes unbearable. He never had the common sense to see that his own downfall would be the result of his reluctance to renounce the divine knowledge that he had obtained: “Faustus is gone! Regard his hellish fall, / Whose fiendful fortune may exhort the wise/ Only to wonder at unlawful things, / Whose deepness doth entice such forward wits / To practice more than heavenly power permits” (122). Faustus’s ego from the earthly knowledge that he possessed tempts him into a realm of unimaginable power that he abuses due to his lack of understanding. His ultimate downfall is reached when he breaks the boundaries of what is spiritually possible for a human being. The demons punish him with a death that he does not see because he feels that he has become a god in...

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