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Does Men’s Wearhouse Benefit From A Merger With Joseph A. Bank?

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Does Men’s Wearhouse benefit from a Merger with Joseph A. Bank?
Theoretical Framework
 I am interest in the study of this topic because I am curious about the financial effects of such a merger.
 The company needs to know what their best choice is moving forward.
 Financially both companies involved should see the pros and cons of such a merger.
 The shareholders in each company should know which acquisition benefits them more.
 Decision Tree
 SWOT Analysis
 Lewin’s force field Analysis

Anticipated Difficulties
By being rational I don’t plan to have any difficulties. Due to the nature of my project and stature it is highly unlikely I will get a Primary Source for this ...view middle of the document...

One, while there are retail outlets locally the workers their don’t know much about large scale operating procedures or have a say in them. Second, both corporations involved are publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange and therefore don’t allow interviews for non-relevant parties such as myself.
I will use a SWOT analysis to determine the external and internal issues with the company.
I will use a Decision tree to analyze the effects of a decision that Men’s Wearhouse will be forced to make.
I will use a Lewin’s force field analysis to look at factor’s pushing towards and against such a merger

Men’s Wearhouse is worth more than double Joseph A. Bank’s total value.
An acquisition by a larger company over a smaller one is generally simpler and easier for both parties.
As seen in the stock charts below in the past three months both stocks have grown. Both have beat out the S&P 500 and have seen significant changes due to buyout offers made by each respective company. When an offer is made to purchase the other’s stocks for a higher value the other’s stocks siginificantly rise to meet this price. This back and forth is simply raising the price of a merger for each party and will eventually end the process for both parties if the price gets too high.

JOSB (Joseph a. Bank) MW (Men’s Wearhouse)

Analysis and Discussion
The system that some economists believe that Men’s Wearhouse is employing is the use of the Pac-man defense. In Pac-man the character eats a candy and suddenly tries to eat up his foes as the tables are turned. Similarly Men’s Wearhouse is turning the tables and looking bigger and stronger than Joseph A. Bank in order to dissuade their buyout offer and show their capabilities.
SWOT Analysis...

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