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Does Public Or Does Private Schools Prepare Students Better For College

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Task 1 – Research Question
Students have the option to choose between public or private schools, but the tuition fees are an obstacle for many students to become part of private colleges. The main objective and the research question in this case is ‘Does public or does private schools prepare students better for college?’
Task 2 – Literature Review
The differences of public and private schools are a topic that has been used many times within the years. Not every student affords to study in a private school due to expensive tuition fees, and thus it always remains a ‘what if issue’, regarding further better possibilities of advancement. In the other side, there are existent ...view middle of the document...

Thus, the Council for American Private Education (2013) qualifies the private education as “Good for students, Good for Parents and Good for America”. The same conclusion is supported by Jeffrey Jones (2012) and his article’ In U.S., Private Schools Get Top Marks for Educating Children’. According to Gallup annual work and Education Poll (2012) the public American schools gain a poor rating of educational level.
When meeting these different papers conducted and different results, it becomes a crucial importance to develop this research further. This way a clear picture will be created upon the impact of private or public schools in college performance. This might be a helpful guide in taking the important decision and choosing between those public or private education sectors.
Task 3 – Research Methodology
At this point, it is important to define and specify the limits of the research that is to be conducted. That’s why the research philosophy has to be chosen accordingly with the point of view regarding the world by the researcher. Hence, all researches have a significant difference from each-other due to the used paradigm, philosophy, approach and the research’s purpose.
First of all, this research aims to explain the relationship of a situation (attending either public or private high school) with the academic performance during college, expressed in GPA. So, this is an explanatory research (Saunders, et al 2009).
The used philosophy in this research is ‘Realism Philosophy’, which deals with a scientific data scanning. It accepts the existence of a reality substantively from the mind. Furthermore, realism is a branch of epistemology, which is similar to positivism but the opposite of the idealism. Keeping in mind that this is a kind of scientific research, the deduction approach that develops a theory and tests it is used (Saunders, et al 2009).
This paper is being developed in order to understand the effect of studying in private or public schools and the differences in quality of education they provide. Specifically, this research is done to understand if whether you study in private or public school has impact in college performance and further success. Some studies show that public schools are more efficient and provide better results and thus the null hypothesis is formulated
H₀ - Public Schools prepare the students better for college
This hypothesis is supported by the facts of more majors to choose, the size of the schools and certified that private schools students have higher scores and intent to go to college, thus the other hypothesis is formulated
H₁ - Private Schools prepare the students better for college
The second hypothesis is supported by higher scores in different testing and the number of students that go to college after high school. According to the data gathered due to this research the null hypothesis is not accepted whereas the alternative hypothesis is accepted. The gathered data will be quantitative...

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