Does Your Social Class Determine Your Future?

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jon doe Heron Gardner Engl. 1021.20 02/18/02 What's Being Done? Transportation has forever changed. Terrorism has challenged one of Americans most cherished freedoms, the freedom of mobility. Lawmakers and citizen alike have called for tighter security at our nation's airports. Airlines have established a multi-layer system of security that consists of: computer assisted passenger-profiling systems, bomb sniffing dogs, bag matching, manual bag searches, x-ray machines and metal detectors. Now that these measures have been implemented, the question is, will these procedures succeed in stopping terrorism? Computer assisted passenger profiling system is designed to root out potential terror suspects. To create a CAPPS, software engineers take information about known terrorists and search for common characteristics and patterns that deviate form the norm. Criteria might include certain kind of travel history, financial transactions, education, family and even nationality. If certain passengers are flagged by this system to be a potential threat, airline employees subject them to extra screening. Let's sniff out another roadblock for terrorists.How much is that doggy in the window? Well, if that dog is a well-trained bomb sniffing dog, he probably costs around $150,000 a year. These dogs sniff unattended suitcases and suspicious packages, nose vehicles left at the curb, search terminals after bomb threats, check passenger areas and scour aircraft. Training these dogs is compared to teaching them how to play hide and go seek. These dogs are first introduced to the odor of an explosive, like C-4, and then trained to sit. This process is repeated until the dog learns to sit whenever it detects that smell. Trainers then place the explosive into one of four cardboard boxes. It's a game for the dog: find the explosive. The tests get tougher as the training progresses. Instructors hide the explosives in unusual or hard to reach places. They reduce the amount of explosive and add distracting odors likely to be found in airports. There are currently not enough dogs to meet the demand. However, there has been a huge allocation of resources to get these dogs into all our nation's airports. Now that we have discussed the most effective way to sniff out terrorists, let's look at the most widely used procedure.What is bag matching? Bag matching means that every piece of luggage has to be matched up with its owner on board. If the bag doesn't belong to anyone on the flight, it will be removed. This would cause approximately 10-20 minutes delays. According to transportation Secretary, Norman Mineta, "It was a procedure implemented solely to meet the security deadline." He added, "It would do nothing to stop terrorists in the era of suicide bombers." Bag matching is only done on the first leg of a flight that has a stop over. With that in mind, here's a scenario thought up by top-level FAA security agents that they believe to...

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