Domination Of Technology Over Reality Strips Away Regard For Life

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New inventions are constantly being produced everyday. Though these contributions are meant to benefit society, that objective is not the only feature contributed. If technology is excessively depended upon, like the magnitude of reliance in the novel, Fahrenheit 451, then the significance of life will disintegrate. This book, set in futuristic America, displays the consequences caused when all original thought is forbidden to develop, resulting in the end of genuine contentment. Books are engulfed in flames by the hands of the city firefighters, such as the protagonist Guy Montag, on a daily basis to enforce this law. However while doing so, a sense of curiosity sparks up from within him. This craving for knowledge leads him to defy not only higher authorities, but also the society as a whole. With the omissions of the Seashell radios, Montag's near automotive collision, and the malevolent presence of the Mechanical Hound, the Hollywood rendition of the classic novel, Fahrenheit 451, inadequately conveys the theory that permitting technological advances to take control of the lives of a society and to in turn give those lives more time for themselves leads to the devaluing of life.Lacking the Seashell radios causes the movie to unsuccessfully represent the idea that being overly dependent of technology results in the disregard for life. As Montag enters his dark, bleak bedroom, he glances at the separate bed next to his. He verbally illustrates, "And in her ears the little Seashells, the thimble radios tamped tight, and an electronic ocean of sound, of music and talk and talk coming in, coming in on the shore of her unsleeping mind" (p. 12). Mildred's need for these hearing implements tells a great deal about her character. While listening to the melodious sounds, her mind drifts off to a distant land where there are no worries or cares to concern about. This state of artificial bliss blocks wearisome issues from crossing into her field of concern. The snug fit of the miniscule gadgets reveals that she wears them securely so that they entirely drown out any other sounds that may try to travel into her ears. Doing so allows her to escape her miserable life with all its dilemmas and attempt to gain a sense of relaxation. However, lessening her internal pain is absolutely impossible, so contemplations of suicide are resulted. Regardless of all the symbolic meaning in these simple radios, though, the director of the film version of the novel chose to leave them out. Without them, Linda appears to be happier and less reliant to technology. Though she is still shown to be depressed with her life, since the suicide attempt is left in, the extent of her depression is not precisely represented. The presence of technological advances is rare, so mentioning the fact that she cannot live without her beloved items would be pointless. Therefore, without having the Seashell radios in the movie, Mildred/Linda's necessity of technology is not fully...

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