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Every sports movie is based on an inspirational story of a person or a team overcoming some hurdle to achieve greatness. Glory Road follows the 1966 Texas Western Basketball team. This team showed the world in 1966 that basketball talent is not based on race. The feat that they achieved forever changed the game of basketball and the sports world. The movie, Glory Road, made in 2006, depicts the concepts of emotional abuse, curfew, and stereotype.
The 1960’s were a time of change that slowed the harsh abuse of racism against African-Americans. The basketball season that Texas Western won the national championship was just two to three years after Martin Luther King Jr.’s march on ...view middle of the document...

Then, in the middle of the movie, the athletes are shown going to a party and staying up all night. The next day, they come to practice, tired and drained. The coach understands exactly what they did, but in order to teach the students a lesson, he drills them stringently. After the practice, Coach Haskins explains the importance of following curfew. While this was only a brief problem for the Miners, their season could have been destroyed if they didn’t learn early on.
Lastly, stereotypes shaped the whole movie and the whole reason for people to be shocked at the success of the 1966 Texas Western Basketball Team. Stereotypes are an ugly part of the past century that society denies, yet creates. During the time period around 1966, African-Americans were considered less intelligent and not capable of achievements that the dominant Caucasian race in the United States were. In the movie, Adolph Rupp said that the black man was incapable of winning a championship at a press conference. The stereotype was just not challenged, until the coach that only cared about winning came along. Don Haskins overlooked the silly discourse about the incapableness of African-American basketball players. Even his own staff questioned him, because of the school’s...

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