Don’t Believe The Hype Essay

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The new iPhone is coming out in a few months, and many people give in the social pressure and wait hours in line to get it. We get different types of social pressure from friends, work or online. Social pressure can happen to you or a friend, just like it happened to Teddy in the story My Flamboyant Grandson by George Saunders, when his peer in school bullied him for not being normal, or like Janet Tyler in the episode “Eye of the Beholder” from The Twilight Zone where she is force to get plastic surgeries in order to comply with the social norms Both authors use emotions and symbolism to demonstrate how societal pressure isolates individuals.
When we are stuck in a bad situation in our life we start to think that nothing is going to change. We have mixed emotions when we have financial issues or problems at home, yet we tell ourselves that the grass is greener in the other side hoping for change. Well this is not that case for the main character Janet Tyler in the episode “Eye of the Beholder” from The Twilight Zone series. We get introduced to Janet, after her eleventh and last surgery she is allowed to have in order to live in this alternate universe. Janet face is bandaged and she cannot see anything. She is kept in a dark room where she is not allowed to go outside. Janet has lost hope after the doctor tells her that if the surgery is not successful she will have to go live in a village with people of her kind. She expressed that she would rather be alone than to be segregated with a bunch of freaks. All this isolation she been put through can be harmful not just for her but anybody emotions. Sociology studies show that when a person feels that his or her future is bleak and there is no way for situation to improve they seek to suicide.

Another, significant factor in how symbolism is demonstrated in the story My Flamboyant Grandson, is the support and love that Teddy gets from his grandfather. The grandfather tells us the story about his grandson and how he has been having trouble with his peers in school. Teddy loves to sing and dance and people bullied him for being different. To cheer him up he took him to a musical in New York to expose him and show him that there is nothing wrong with singing and dancing even if the people around him do not accept it. After they get to the theater they find out that they need to go redeem their tickets at the “Redemption Center” that is a couple miles away from the theater. After all that walking the...

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