Don’t Worry: Be Wise And Happy

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Sexton (2014) emphasizes the need for wisdom as one ages in a convincing way attributed to the credibility of the information sources and the logical presentation of points. The article precisely states the benefits of wisdom, and explains that it is much different from intelligence, but they are both relevant. Although intelligence could be essential in grasping new things, wisdom facilitates understanding an issue from various perspectives. The article continues to note that wisdom helps in improving relationships with others due to the reflection it offers. Although wisdom could imply hesitation in decision making, it leads to more compassion and tolerance when relating with other people. It is categorically stated that humanity cannot be attained by an unwise person. Finally, the article states that wisdom allows one to arrive at greater truths, and that wisdom really matters, and should, therefore, be sought.
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A sociology associate professor is also involved in the article, where she provides information based on her vast knowledge. A psychology professor continues to emphasize on the need for wisdom. Moreover, personal opinions are sought from other people, directly basing the conclusion in the article on primary data.
Information is logically presented in the article. Starting with a statement that raises curiosity about why one should not worry about aging despite the fact that cognitive ability is likely to decline, describing the benefits of wise reasoning as explained by researchers, stating the differences between wisdom and intelligence, and concluding by the encouragement for people to seek for deeper meaning of life by being wise, the article is easily understandable. This approach provides some fluency in points. Each point is related to the topic. The points are precise and considerate on all levels of understanding of psychology, since even the less knowledgeable can understand. This makes the article appeal to a large audience since the topic under consideration relates to all people regardless of their knowledge in psychology.
Various perspectives on what is more relevant between wisdom and intelligence are analyzed. The article provides benefits of both wisdom and intelligence, and then compares them in order to identify which benefits have more weight. This makes it unbiased on its emphasis of wisdom over intelligence as one ages. Moreover, the perspectives assist in gaining a deeper understanding on the concept.
However, the article does not precisely explain why aging can facilitate wisdom. It just states that people who have lived longer can better approach and reflect on issues. This does not explain anything psychological relating age to wisdom. The information could be used in identifying how wisdom can be facilitated even at younger ages. Nevertheless, the article can be described as convincing from its clarity, credibility of sources and fluency.


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