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Drugs In The United States Essay

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There has been much debate between states recently regarding marijuana. So far, twenty states in the U.S have decriminalized the use of weed. (Cannabis in the United States,). The state of Idaho still doesn’t allow weed, however; there is still much debate about it. People that agree with legalizing weed believe it could have many benefits. People against legalization believe that there is no way the weed could be controlled, and that it would only cause more problems. (Legalizing Pot) A better second option exists. Another popular drug that is extremely harmful to your body is meth. Although this drug is still illegal, it is very easy to find. These two drugs are only a couple of examples ...view middle of the document...

At extremely high doses the user can even have a seizure or die. Although more research is required, recent national surveys report that 40% of heavy users experience some or all of those symptoms. (National Institute on Drug Abuse) The long term effects of meth abuse include extreme weight loss, heightened blood pressure, and damaged blood cells in the brain. Drug abuse is also the leading cause to depression and suicide. Anxiety and paranoia as well as liver, kidney, and also lung damage can take place. Methamphetamine can also cause tooth decay. Injecting meth through a needle can also cause infectious diseases to enter in through the blood stream including aids, and hepatitis. All of these things are very harmful and can kill you. (Deadly Effects of Meth)
Addicts once hooked, feel nothing else matters but the need to seek after their next use. Often time users will go broke because they spend most of their money on getting more drugs. An example of this is the story of Carly and Andy. “When Carly and Andy were in their apartment, they ran out of drugs. They sold every single thing they had except two things: a couch and a blow torch. They had to make a decision because something had to be sold to buy more drugs. A normal person would automatically think, sell the blow torch. But Andy and Carly sat on the couch, looking at the couch and looking at the blow torch, and the choice brought intense confusion. The couch? The blow torch? I mean, we may not need the blow torch today, but what about tomorrow? If we sell the couch, we can still sit wherever we want. But the blow torch? A blow torch is a very specific item. If you’re doing a project and you need a blow torch, you can’t substitute something else for it. You would have to have a blow torch, right? In the end, they sold the couch” (Kucera).
Drug use creates a larger jail and prison population. According to Deputy Miller, Bonneville County Sheriff’s office, most of our local criminals are drug addicts, even if they are not directly arrested for drug use, their crime is directly linked to their drug use. Many home burglaries, car burglaries, shoplifting, and frauds are carried out by drug addicts. Most of our violent crimes are connected to drug and alcohol abuse.
The Idaho meth slogan is, “not even once” Users often think that they can get away with only doing drugs once, but that is what ends...

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