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The performance of East Asian nations, particularly Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and most recently, mainland China, is largely attributable to the East Asian Model, which accounts for the following notable observations: sustained economic growth at high levels for long periods, social, political and economic diversity, and economic activities that are industrialized, export-oriented and socially beneficial in nature. The East Asian Model is characterized by the following elements: investment and trade-driven growth, active governmental involvement, strong regional cooperation and economic development driven towards poverty reduction.
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East Asian nations, in further instilling political stability, are also active in promoting regional integration and introducing remedies to destructive consequences of growth. Overall, governments of East Asian nations are more active in pursuing political stability to provide a favorable environment for greater economic productivity. Regional cooperation is another element characterizing the East Asian Model, which emphasizes the importance of maintaining a favorable regime for social, political and economic interaction among East Asian and Southeast Asian nations. Among the concerns of regional cooperation under the East Asian Model are the following: regional security, eliminating income and development gaps, promoting and sustaining globalization and developing human resources, all of which are covered presently under the ASEAN plus three (Japan, mainland China and South Korea) framework. Economic development resulting to poverty reduction is another element of the East Asian Model achieved in cooperation with international organizations such as the World Bank and United Nations (UN). Strategies for poverty reduction under the East Asian model are based on the goals and endowments set by the UN and the World Bank, respectively, all of which undergo under conditions of relentless developments, given the understanding that it is impossible to produce an all-inclusive remedy for all social problems and issues.
In sum, it is inevitable for one to ponder on the possibility of applying the East Asian Model to less successful states outside East and Southeast Asia. Whereas there is an understanding that the economic network fostered by East Asian nations have incorporated most of the Southeast Asian nations towards leading them to apply the East Asian Model, one could point out that it may not immediately apply to nations outside East and Southeast Asia due to variations in social, political and economic stability, in turn affecting the quality of human resources and knowledge transfers. Economic success under the East Asian model rests on a dynamic set of factors relying on stability in social and political affairs, particularly the competence and integrity of government officials. Therefore, one could account the struggles of developing nations on attaining optimal levels of economic...

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