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After the development of civilization, the society became more complex so people realized the importance of keeping records. Ancestor had not invented any writing system yet so they just can use cave paintings to record their daily lives until 3000 B.C, Sumerian scribes invented cuneiform. One hundred years after, the Egypt developed their flexible writing system called hieroglyphics. In this essay, I want to talk about three aspects of ancient Egyptian writing system: the three kinds of writing, the usage and the impact.

There are three different kinds of Ancient Egyptian Writing System. Hieroglyphics were the earliest form of Egyptian script and also the longest-lived from 3,400 B.C to ...view middle of the document...

A major change in hieroglyphs took place under the Ptolemaic Dynasty (Egypt was ruled by a Greek dynasty), Egyptian used a new writing system called demotic. Demotic was even more simplified than hieratic however this made it difficult to read and almost impossible to transcribe into any hieroglyphic counterpart. After the Romans conquered Egypt in 30 BC, the use of hieroglyphs declined and eventually died out.

Just a small portion of the Egyptian learned to read and write in ancient Egypt and scribes were the only people who allowed to have this knowledge. They began to learn this skill when they were still young and they spent a lot of time practicing the signs by copying them onto papyrus, pottery or stone. Scribes usually wrote on papyrus or leather with reed pen by dipping pigments of carbon black and red ochre, they used chisels and hammers for stone inscriptions at the same time. Egyptian thought highly of afterlife so they would decorate the pharaoh’s tomb with arts ant words. They believed that these words helped guide the dead through the afterlife so writing was a very important part of tomb decoration. The Egyptians also used hieroglyphs to decorate jewelry and other luxury items by incised hieroglyphics in gold, silver, and other metals.


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