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1. Recall your first impression of the book--this may have been based on the cover image, things you heard or read, or your feeling after getting into the first few pages. Is the book turning out to be the way you thought it would? How?

I chose this book because all the reviews I found said that it was weird and really good book. I like weird and good things. I also liked the cover and the title. I didn’t get the title and I still don’t get it yet. The cover is a little bit disturbing but that’s why it appeals to me.

So far into the book it isn’t really that weird. It’s not how I imagined it to be but I didn’t really know what to expect.

2. Make some notes and comment on some of the following:
* Predictions
I predict that maybe once some of the boys get really irritable and have had enough of being stranded that things will get weird. Maybe it will get violent or graphic I’m not sure.
* Questions that have come up for you
Why were all these boys on a plane without any adults besides the pilot? Where were they going and why were they going there? What happened to the plane and the pilot? How is this dystopian?
* Parts you like
I like how descriptive the author is, he paints a vivid picture especially with characters, and setting.
* Parts you don't like
Sometimes it’s hard to follow because there aren’t any big events yet.
* Personal connections
I don’t have any personal connection so far in the book.

3. Create a plot map including the exposition, inciting force, conflict, rising action, crisis, climax, falling action and resolution (look at the literary elements guide for help understanding these terms).


• A plane crashes full or British boys 6-12. 2 boys Piggy and Ralph meet and find a conch shell that they use to summon the others. They all vote to make Ralph the chief because they knew they needed a leader. Jack wanted to be the chief but didn’t get majority so Ralph gives him control of the choirboys who were the ones who wanted him. Jack called being in control or hunting. They find out that the on other inhibiter on the island are pigs. Ralph and the other non-hunters are working on the signal fire to get rescued.

Inciting Force:

• Ralph see’s a ship in the distance and then they notice that the signal fire was out. By this time the ship was out of sight. They see Jack and the hunters/choirboys holding a dead pig above their heads and chanting, “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood.” Jack had just had the idea of painting their faces so they could sneak up on the pigs so he called all of the hunters to try it out with him. It was their first successful kill.


• Jack and Ralph argue about the whole not getting rescued thing and how it was Jacks fault (which it was.) The argument gets heated but in the end Jack does apologize. The boys then eat their kill viciously while going through the kill in detail and chanting, “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Bash her in.”...

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