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English Essay - Paradise People from the industrialized countries tend to have a romantic idea of less "civilized" countries, and believe that the people that live in these countries live an unspoiled living without factors such as stress, greed etc. But what the people from the industrialized countries are forgetting, is that even though, e.g., the life of a Nepalese may seem perfect in the eyes of the beholder, and may seem to solve all of the problems of the Western civilisation's everyday life, they are forgetting the downside, and why the less fortunate people are able to live as they do. And that's because of the poverty of the people in these countries. Now, as the technology and economy of the industrial countries are raging ever faster, the "poor" countries find it difficult to keep up; but during the last part of the 20th century a new shortcut has been found, which has made it easier for the "poor" countries to keep up: Tourism.The text below is an interpretation of a piece taken from the short story "Paradise" written by Matthew Kneale.The short story "Paradise" is about the romantic ideas of an English guidebook writer that clash with the more realistic and pragmatic thoughts of the Nepalese villagers. At the start of the short story the main character has romantic ideas of the localities in the mountains, which can be seen in the text piece: "The group of people were gathered about the fire, their faces lit by the warm orange glow of the flames. Like a painting. A painting, yes (…)" (p.1, ll. 10-13) The reason why the main character, Neville, uses the word "painting" is to point out that he mentally isn't there and that gives him the "right" to use this romantic word; you can almost picture him smiling, being very happy about that he isn't in some mass-raping and murdering city. These thoughts of his can especially be seen in the lines 39-44. But the main character isn't just having romantic ideas about the country and its landscape, but also about the people. Neville has got the idea that all Nepalese people are kind and have some sort of positive energy which is why they are so kind and...

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