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Prior to 1970 and the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency there were few concerns for what was happening to the environment as a result of manufacturing, industry, energy or the like. Walter Rosenbaum brings life to this concern is his book Environmental Politics and Policy. He served as a staff member of the EPA for a number of years, which makes him well accredited to write about environmental policy in America. He has done extensive work in the field of energy and the environment. He has written numerous books throughout his career focusing on particular issues in environmental policy, but also does his best to give a broad overview of the most relevant issues in America ...view middle of the document...

During their time in office, many of the major acts involving pollution and energy efficiency were passed. Following this time period from Ronald Reagan to George H. Bush nothing very significant was accomplished. The Reagan administration is actually viewed as the most hostile towards environmentalism in recent memory. Following this Bill Clinton attempted to continue with an environmentally friendly agenda, but during his first term he faced a republican controlled congress and during his second term he faced impeachment. Therefore, he too was able to accomplish little aside from some amendments to already enacted laws.
Environmentalist feared when George W. Bush was elected; he appeared to be opposed to an environmental agenda, but he actually made a stance to become more energy efficient and energy dependent. Also the EPA was able to strengthen air pollution controls. Barrack Obama ran with generous ambitions for the environmental movement, but since he inherited a failing economy, he was actually forced to limit the size of regulatory agencies which seemed to be a step backwards for the movement, but he has done his best to control domestic climate-warming emissions and further amend current laws. These presidents used the support of environmental issues to help them win elections, but truly did not accomplish what they set out to.
Rosenbaum later goes on to try to explain the policy process. He goes into detail about the competing interests in policy making, and then discusses the struggles of creating policy and then implementing it. Not only is policy difficult to get passed through congress, but it must also be in line with the Constitution and states must administer it. Big business also plays a major role in influencing policy. For the most part business is against environmentalism. The regulations that are implemented make it more difficult for business to produce goods, and they pay the penalty for breaking these regulations. Due to this lobbyist do their best to persuade congress away from bills that would have negative effects on them, or make sure there are loopholes for them to get through.
It is important to understand that there are certain risks that are...

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