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Aliens! Buggers, forcing people to fall into a truce..The government, allowing kids to be born, just to find one that could help them end the alien threat. They succeeded. Andrew (Ender) Wiggin defeated this external threat. This probably seems like a really heroic thing for a child to do. However, to what extent should Ender be considered a hero? This question can only be answered after taking these three, important facts into consideration. He was capable of things no one else could’ve done, but he was always unaware of what was really going on or what even he did sometimes. However, he also redeemed himself in the end of the book. He cannot just be judged as a hero or not right away. ...view middle of the document...

Ender was a child, so he was easily manipulated. How he grew up, how many friends he had, how much he suffered, almost everything was controlled by the teachers of Battle School. Ender only found out in Command School, that the awaited Third Invasion was when the humans would attack the bugger worlds, and not vice versa. In fact, when he defeated the bugger home planet, he didn’t even know that he had done it. He was made to believe that it was just a test, and that he was playing the computer. He had no idea that what the computers were simulating, was the real bugger fleets and home world. He was kept in the dark as always. The teachers had hidden it from him, because they thought that he wouldn’t have been able to kill the buggers if he had known. No one knew the buggers as well as him, so if they hadn’t tricked him, his empathy would’ve got in the way. Like Mazer Rackham said in chapter fourteen, “Any decent person who knows what warfare is can never go into battle with a whole heart. But you didn’t know. We made sure you didn’t know.” When Ender had found out what he did, he hated himself. He’d killed an entire species, and risked many human lives to do it. Above all, he didn’t have a clue about it. His one action that gave him the ‘hero’ title on Earth was done unknowingly.

Lastly, and probably the strongest reason Ender should be considered a hero is his redemption of himself. His whole childhood was controlled by others. The way he had been changed and played with, made him think he was a killer like his brother. When he found out he had unknowingly killed the buggers and many men in his fleet, he fell apart. But later in his life, when he and his sister Valentine went to go live on a bugger...

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