Evaluating Effectiveness Of Nyu Polytechnic School Of Engineering

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1. You are a consultant to NYU Polytechnic. The President insists that effectiveness must be evaluated by an increase in student population, particularly at the undergraduate level. The Director of the Management Department insists that the main goal is to update the curriculum. The Dean of Academic Affairs states that controlling costs should be the key focus. What would you suggest that the school do to ensure that effectiveness is properly evaluated?

In my opinion, to properly evaluate effectiveness of NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, we need to simultaneously consider all three ideas rather than to focus only one individual idea. We can fundamentally define effectiveness for NYU Polytechnic as “the degree to which NYU Polytechnic is successful in attracting students, in pursuing an updated curriculum that properly diagnoses changing needs finds solutions, and in controlling costs of these activities while not compromising success principles. Looking through these facts and perspective, the measurement of NYU Polytechnic effectiveness depends on current external applicant pool from which NYU Polytechnic chooses its undergraduate students, the degree to which current curriculum is updated and how efficiently NYU Polytechnic pursues its calendar activities.
To ensure the effectiveness of school, I would first suggest the President to prepare a detailed SWOT analysis of NYU Polytechnic because SWOT analysis will show internal strengths and weakness while helping the school to find external opportunities and threats. Since the President considers External Resource Approach by mentioning increasing undergraduate student population, to evaluate the effectiveness of school, it is of utmost importance for him to figure out how effective NYU Polytechnic in attracting valued skilled students from outside of school.
Secondly, I also would suggest the Director of the Management Department to make a comparative analysis of current curriculum with other departments and other NYU schools. Because the Director of the Management Program is more concerned with Internal Resource Approach of effectiveness by insisting that “the main goal is to update the curriculum”, it is extremely prominent for him to find out how current curriculum pushes NYU Polytechnic to innovate products and adapt to changing volatile educational needs.
Finally, I would suggest the Dean of Academic Affairs, who considers Technical Approach by stating that controlling costs should be the key focus, to find out how efficient they are in students and professors’ training and education, in operational and organizational activities and in student selection process.
After considering all of suggested issues, the President, the Director of Management Department and the Dean of Academic Affairs should share their findings and draw a strategy for organizational effectiveness of NYU Polytechnic. In meeting, they can choose one effectiveness approach or can decide to simultaneously...

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