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Everlasting Scars Essay

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There are many people who are abused when they are children but we don’t think about how this affects the abused when they are adults. Abuse comes in many forms; physical, verbal, and emotional. Abuse can scar a person mentally and emotionally for the rest of their life. People that have been abused often have to resort to therapy to deal with the demons of their past. How does this mentally affect people who were abused as children?
People who were abused often feel anger; their anger can often be projected towards others. They can easily be angered. “I was beaten for no reason,” he says. ‘I’ve had anger issues ever since.” Helling 80 quotes one man. When children are abused, they can’t ...view middle of the document...

“Her father, who was always convinced that he’d done a good job raising his kids, was also abused as a child, she said, and he in turn physically abused his wife and family.” Dolan 2.
Childhood abuse can take many dark forms. Verbal, physical and or emotional abuse can manifest in creating a lack of self-esteem and a sense of security causing a deeply ingrained scar that can carry its negative effects deep into adulthood; “Also verbally abusive, he regularly told her she was stupid and worthless during the 23 years of their marriage.” Dolan 2. Constantly berating a person can make them see themselves differently. They start believing the negative words and start losing their sense of self worth. The abused child can grow up believing these hurtful attacks and see themselves as fat, ugly, stupid, a waste of space, or even worthless. They can have a very negative view of themselves, and start to hate their own selves believing the cruel and painful words that become ingrained in their psyche ;”I pull the five-dollar fee from my stash, get in the car, and numbly drive to her. I sit in the waiting room, totally blank. I am waiting to come undone. I am barley holding my edges together, keeping myself from slipping away even further.” Gregory 197. The abused can suffer chronic depression and even mental break downs when they can’t hold in the pain any longer. They can feel the constant sadness resulting from the abuse they have experienced. Some may hardly be able to function on a day to day basis. Their thoughts can become dark and full of despair; “The biggest part of me died that Tuesday June morning. I kept thinking God should have taken me instead.” Maclean 24. Sometimes thoughts of suicide seem to be...

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