A Day Of Being Disabled Essay

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In the morning I wake up and think to myself, "Oh God, another day". I used to live such an active lifestyle until one day I was in a car accident and now I am confined to a wheelchair. I pull back the covers of my bed and gently lift each leg over the side of the bed so they dangle close to the floor. I reach out and slowly pull my wheelchair toward myself and lift myself into it. I used to be able to jump out of bed and race out of the bedroom, but now I have to take it more slowly. I wheel my way out of my bedroom and down the hall to the bathroom. After I had my accident the whole house had to be readjusted to fit my wheelchair, for example; the doorways had to be made wider, the door knobs were lowered, there are hand rails in the bathroom and toilet, every entry to the house is now a ramp instead of steps, the sink and the taps in the bathroom were lowered and there is a special seat in the shower.I get into the bathroom and remove my pyjama top and struggle out of the pyjama pants I wore to bed and reach up to turn on the shower. The floor in the shower is a non-slip one so I won't fall over getting in and out of the shower. I lift myself into the chair in the shower and wash myself. I turn off the taps when I am finished, grab a towel that is sitting on the edge of the shower and dry myself. I get back into my wheelchair and go back to my room. I struggle with getting dressed but I manage to cope by myself. I go out to the kitchen and make some breakfast. Everything in the kitchen has been altered to suit my wheelchair and me.I used to catch a bus to school, but it didn't accommodate for wheelchairs so I get the Taxi Bus to school. They load up my...

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