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Everyone Likes A Little Scare Essay

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Steven King is considered one of the best horror fiction writers in America. Horror fiction is not recommended for educational usage so why include a writer known specifically for this? The editing board of the St. Martin’s Guide to Writing should reconsider including “Why We Crave Horror Movies” in the next edition. The essay should be removed due to the lack of relevance, appropriateness and to the college text book. The essay does not have a storyline or even engage positive thinking. In a general studies writing class, this form of reverse psychology is not productive in the class room environment.

This text is encouraging the spark of twisted logic and even suggest that people who ...view middle of the document...

“I like being able to walk out of the movie knowing I flinched while it was happening and can laugh because its over.” Is this the mind state of a vicious killer?

The text of St. Matins’s Guide The grammar and sentence structure is strong in King’s essay. The dialect and content however are not appropriate or on the standard of the St. Martin’s Guide To Writing. The text establishes a casual relationship with the audience removing the professional stance of the essay. The essay is introduced as professional but does not read like it. “I think we’re all mentally ill” is not a professional way to start an essay. Steven King starts the essay with a bold statement declaring that the urge to watch scary movies is a result of our demented nature. The reader may feel alienated and uncomfortable being called mentally ill simply because they enjoy watching creative works that depict vicious or violent acts. Even the text book quotes “King only names two films, neither of which is memorable”. (p 425) In the example King uses he leaves too much ambiguity for us to analyze his point.
Some readers of this essay may decide that Steven King is...

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