Extreme Religion Is An Extreme Issue

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Someone’s beloved son is in Afghanistan. Fighting for the country that millions of people call a safe home. The soldiers who march in war to defend the citizens of America grant safety. Bullets whizz by until one strikes, and kills. He is dead; their son, who they loved and cared for, is gone. Their last wish is to say goodbye, and spend one more moment with him. But no, the wish: not granted. The peace: not given. Their last moments: taken away. Ruthlessly taken away by protesters who don’t respect their freedom, and the peace all around. Taken away by protestors who push their religious beliefs on everyone, and use religion as an excuse to cause misery. They turned religion, ...view middle of the document...

Unfortunately, just because a belief is old and still exists doesn’t mean it’s perfectly fine. Humans have made so many misjudgments throughout our existence, what makes such old beliefs correct? Is it because they were written down or because people believe in them? Well at one point people believed that the Earth was flat. Just because people believe in it does that automatically mean that it’s true, that it’s right? It would be ludicrous to say yes. Things change. Even the bible changed, from the old to the New Testament. There are Mormons who if they don’t agree with something that the scripture states; they don’t follow it, and it is perfectly acceptable. Religion is not meant to be blindly followed. As society morphs and advances, they cut certain things out. The reason these religions are ok is because of what society has cut out, without those cuts it would be a nuisance to follow certain religions. Really, the religions that many people today follow, aren’t even as old as one may think, they’ve been...

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