Failing To React To External Factors Requiring Organizational Change.

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In his article "The Failure of Strategy: It's all in the Execution" (Beaudan, 2001), Eric Beaudan highlights the failure of organizations to effectively implement organizational change strategies when adapting to changing market conditions. Beaudan postulates that companies typically create effective strategies. Far more regularly, though, companies fail to implement these strategies or allow their strategies to evolve. Beaudan outlines three key elements that enable companies to successfully link implementation of change to vision and strategy for it.The first key for leaders is clarification (Beaudan, 2001). This two part step entails understanding how subordinates or co-workers interpret and accept the strategy. Managers must incorporate these different interpretations of a change strategy into their implementation planning and organization.The second part of the clarification process gauges acceptance of the strategy. Part of the leadership and control of strategic change includes molding the various interpretations of that strategy. The goal is a common belief that the changes and the aims are in the best possible interests of the organization.The second key for leaders is to engage individuals. This two step process requires the commitment and competence of participants. Managers that effectively clarify their strategies for change engage individuals through commitment to the mission. Full commitment requires, especially in changing environments, requires individuals that adopt a "get it done or get out of the way attitude" (Beaudan, 2001).Managers must also ensure that individuals achieve a minimum standard level of competence. In reorganizing team resources, managers must recognize individuals who need retraining or additional learning, and place all individuals in position for success based on those competencies.Finally, managers must execute sustainable strategies. Beaudan defines sustainability in terms of flexibility and pace. As business dynamics change, leaders must recognize that previous strategies could be outmoded and make adjustments. Effective leaders recognize these changes quickly and work to clarify and gain commitment for revised strategies.In making adjustments to strategies and forging ahead, leaders must carefully manage the pace of change and implementation. Moving too deliberately in implementing a strategy can render ineffective an otherwise innovative company. Likewise, Beaudan suggests that companies and leaders "tend to overestimate the pace at which change can be sustained," moving too quickly and blunting the effectiveness of their strategies (Beaudan, 2001).Especially in today's fast paced, high technology world, competition is stiff and competitors more mobile than ever. Over the past decade, low-cost airlines have snared increasingly large shares of the air travel market from established players such as United, AMR Corporation and Delta. Southwest...

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