Fear Of Noise Essay

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Fear of Noise
Fear is a distressing emotion displayed by all living beings. Even animals exhibit this emotion. The cause of fear is either external or internal stimuli. Pain, impending danger, seeing or hearing something horrible is the stimuli. The threat or the stimuli are real or imagined. Fear is one the major emotions like love, hate, anger, disgust and joy. Phono-phobia or acoustico-phobia is the term used for fear of noise.
What is phobia?
It is irrational, overwhelming, repetitive fear of something, someone or some place. There are different types of phobias like social, specific and agoraphobia. People with social phobia may not want to mingle with a crowd as they feel miserable, shy and awkward.
Fear of closed space such as tiny room, elevator closed room is agoraphobia.
Fear of snakes, insects, dogs, cats, blood needles and noise comes under the category of Specific phobia ...view middle of the document...

Sound is produced by vibrating particles of air, water or liquid. There is no sound in a vacuum. Noise is produced indoors or outdoors. Transport, machinery in a factory, loud music in the neighbour’s house, noise produced by occupants of the house and thunder during a rainy season are some of the examples
What are the causes of acoustico-phobia?
There is not one single absolute cause. It is a combination of explanations.
The reason may be
1. Genetic; its occurrence in families with history of psychiatric disorders may be a proof. makeup of the individual.
2. Environment factors such a childhood traumatic event
3. Neuro-chemical changes in the brain.
What happens during an attack?
Physical symptoms- The affected person sweats, breaths heavily, has a pounding heart some may feel nauseated, some even throw up. Some may want to use the washroom. Dizziness, fainting attack, numbness, tingling sensation, hot or cold flushes, chest pain, shaking and trembling
Emotional symptoms- If it is child, he or she may cry aloud and cling on to someone or something. Some may have anticipatory anxiety, persistent worrying, overwhelming fear and an intense desire to flee from the source. Some may have feelings of anger, guilt, disgust and desperation.
Having a fear incapacitates the affected person from being a normal individual. In the case of the child, he or she may not want to leave home, may become insecure and refuse to go to school. He or she may not want to take part in outdoor activities. If the affected person is an adult fear of noise may affect his work and social life.
What to do during an attack or to avoid an attack?
1 .Avoiding places where there is noise pollution.
2 .Using ear plugs may help some.
3. Concentrating on other activities may help some.
4. If one knows the attack is imminent communicating with a friend or family may be of some help.
5. Explaining in advance to the friends and family about the problem will be of an immense help.
6. If and when the problem becomes a burden then involving a professional psychiatrist or a psychologist is a wise move.

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