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This paper will be on my fitness Analysis. My fitness plan and why should they be written? A fitness plan is a plan that you can right down to tell you to do something to keep track of what you do and how long. what are some benefits of having a fitness plan? the benefits of a fitness plans are that you can control what you do.

What were the specific fitness test that I choose? I choose Mile for cardiovascular endurance. I choose the mile because if I run I can help my mile time out. For muscular strength I choose 50 yd dash. I Choose running because I thought that it would help me. for muscular endurance I choose bent arm hang because I thought that pull ups would help. For Flexibility I choose Sit and Reach and I was going to sit and reach

what were the testing goals on each components. cardiovascular endurance was 7:00 min mile. I Choose 7:00 min for a mile because I think that is a good time. For muscular strength my goal 7.5 seconds goal because was a good in score to get. for muscular endurance I wanted to get a 8.o sec because it is a lot better that what I usually on the bent arm hang. for flexibility I wanted to get 20 centimeter. I thought that 20 centimeters was a good distance to reach.

what where my training goal for each component. for cardiovascular endurance I want to run 3 miles in 25 minutes. I choose this because this will help my mile tim to get to my goal. for muscular strength I want run 9 Miles weeks for three days and I wanted each 3 miles to last 25 minutes. I hope this would help me to improve my 50 Yard dash. The muscular endurance I wanted to do pull-ups two times a week with 10 reps two sets. I thought this would help And arm Hang . For my flexibility I was going to do sit enriches five times a week for 60 minutes I wanted to try to go 60 Sit and reaches I thought this would help because I keep stretching out.

I completing my fitness plan what were my accomplishments in each fitness component. In muscular endurance I was not able to reach my goal of eight seconds I was pretty close with six seconds. I know I'm probably the...

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