For And Against Death Penalty Essay

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The death penalty has been a controversial type of sentencing that has been established since the historical documents have been recorded. The death penalty has been given to criminals who have been convicted of one of the most severe crimes, murder. The United States has established differing opinions amongst the death penalty that has created viewpoints for and against the death penalty. Statistics have also been provided to help show that the use of the death penalty has deterred capital crimes related to murder. The death penalty has also impacted law enforcement by focusing the investigation on compiling the necessary evidence and witness accounts in order to correctly gather all ...view middle of the document...

However, many statistics believe that the death penalty has no deterrence which is majorly support. The reason for this is that if people are going to commit homicide then there actions are not fear, but the notion of destroying lives. Jimmy Carter stated in his article that the death penalty does not deter crime by stating, “Southern states carry out more than 80 percent of the executions but have a higher murder rate than any other region. Texas has by far the most executions, but its homicide rate is twice that of Wisconsin, the first state to abolish the death penalty, “ (Carter, p.1). The information proves that the death penalty does not scare people away from committing homicide. If a person has the mental and physical capacity to commit the crime, then a punishment will not deter them. In turn this forces law enforcement to be impacted in the way they investigate a homicide.
Law enforcement has been impacted by the death penalty due to the need to provide as much evidence necessary to provide the court with enough information to correctly sentence a person for homicide through trained employees. When a homicide occurs normal police officers are there to maintain the scene, but are advised not to contaminate the crime scene. Special detectives are used to investigate the scene in order to gather the necessary evidence needed to understand how the crime was committed, and look into the why it occurred. This has impacted law enforcement by forcing police officers to move up in rank through a season of educational classes and training that is provided by trained personal. By doing this it allows...

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