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Forrest Anderson Peronal Information Essay

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Previous academic, and skill transfers.
Throughout my time completing VCE, i enjoyed learning, but due to the content being of a set structure, there were not many topics that were of a genuine interest to me, other than English, arts and history. I finished school under the impression that it was best for me to enter the workforce, and pursue physical work as my intended career path, until my drive for learning and increasing my academic capacity has reached a point where i crave a set structure of learning of subject matter that i see as personal academic development, with the benefit of a qualification . From the time of finishing school and working, i have found my self researching a ...view middle of the document...

I went straight into a full-time hospitality job, as i was already working part-time during high school . Since then i have worked in a variety of industries in an attempt to find a vocation that would best suite me as well as help develop my personal desires and interests. The areas that i have the most determination and desire to learn about tend to be more along the fringe or alternative areas, as this seemed to allow for the biggest diversity and individuality of society. interests and learning, i have had an itrigue in a variety of subjects that seem to be considered fairly 'out there' concepts and ideas, but to me they seem to be just looking at the variables of culture and society.
subjects of interest
I am very interested in having a better understanding of the politics that govern our country, and feel it necessary to understand the structure in order to be sure my vote is of contribution. Dictatorships and democracies i wish to further explore, as it will help me develop more educated concepts and perceptions of other cultures, as i already seem to jump at the chance when presented the opportunity to access first hand knowledge of...


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