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French Revolution Timeline Essay

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1775Louise XVI takes the French throne after the Louise XV unexpectedly dies of smallpox.1776The American war of independence has begun against Great Britain. The rivalry between the France and England, forces France to financially support the American Revolution. This drains the French treasury, and thus paving the way for the French revolution.1778France declares war against Britain in support of the American colonies.There are signs of bread shortages and unstable internal economy in France. These issues are ignored by the administration.1781Necker, a Swiss banker and Louis' financial advisor, produces a public report stating that the financial situation of France was not as bad as it was anticipated, and in fact the budget was in surplus if the expenditures for the American Revolution were removed. The report also revealed large portions of royal expenditures, such as that of Marie Antoinette.1786After Necker resigns from office, Calonne is appointed the minister of finance. He proposed to encourage internal trade, lower some taxes, and introduce a new land tax that all land owners, regardless of social order, would have to pay.1787In February Assembly of Notables, representatives of the aristocracy and the high ranking church officials, is summoned to discuss Calonne's policies.Calonne is replaced by Brienne.1788· On August 8 Louis agrees to summone the Estates General.· Necker replaces Breinne.· On December 27, The approval for the doubling of the Third Estate is issued, stating that the Third Estate would elect twice as many Representatives as either the First or Second Estates.· Debate over Voting and Organization in the Estates General is discussed and argued amongst the three estates.1789On May 5 the Estates General meets for the first time in 175 year at the Palace of Versailles.When the representative arrived at the Palace they brought with them cahiers de doleances, or lists of grievances, to present to the King.On June 17 The Third Estate declares itself the National Assembly, because they refused to sit as a separate Estate and have their rights neglected as the King wanted. They invited the clergy and the nobles to join the Assembly.During this time riots are occruing in Paris on the shortages of bread and high prices.June 20: Third Estate/National Assembly are locked out of meeting houses by royal decree; the Third Estate chooses to continue despite decree and decides upon a declarative vow, known as The Tennis Court Oath, not to dissolve until the constitution has been established. The meet at a tennis court at VersaillesOn June 27, the King, having lost control of events around him, orders the First and Second Estates to meet with the National Assembly, were voting would occur by head rather than by order.Louis dismisses Necker, causing public feuds and scandals.Riots continue to spread in Paris, the Third Estate, was organizing citizen militia, and on July 14, a large group of Parisians marched to...

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