Gastric Bypass Vs Gastric Band Essay

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All over the world, weight loss efforts continue to take new measures day by day. People from all walks of life have tried almost everything, ranging from daily scheduled exercises to a strictly administered diet but still the battle has not fully been won. It is for this reason that technological innovations like gastric bypass and gastric band have found a place in the field of body weight loss.

Gastric bypass is surgical procedure. It controls food flow between the stomach and small intestine. As its name suggests, a bypass is improvised. Firstly, the surgeon divides the stomach into two unequal chambers; the lower and the upper. The upper portion of the stomach is made small, leaving the lower one large. After dividing the stomach and ensuring that the smaller part of the stomach is as small as possible that it can only hold approximately a cup of food, the surgeon staples that part. He further goes ahead and introduces a bypass which overlooks the duodenum by connecting the jejunum directly from the smaller portion of the stomach. As seen, the procedure aims at reducing the quantity of food consumed by the patient. By cutting down the amount of food consumed, the body of the patient is exposed to fewer calories. This prompts the body to burn the excess fat which is stored under the skin thus reducing the body weight. Once the excess weight has been offloaded, the new weight is maintained by availability of fewer calories.

Gastric band also aims at the same thing of reducing the food quantity reaching the small intestine but it differs slightly on the principle it uses to achieve this goal. A silicone band is used. This band is used to divide the stomach into two parts. The band, which is adjustable, is placed round on the upper part of the stomach. The upper part is made small and the lower left large. The surgeon ensures that the band is adjustable. This is for speed control of food flow between the two parts of the stomach. By making the upper part smaller, the patient eats only a small amount of food and feels satisfied. This food is then allowed to flow slowly to the large part of the stomach then to the intestine for absorption to the body. As seen, fewer calories will be available for absorption to the body tissues. Note that, the procedure does not involve cutting of any kind to the stomach. In fact, the surgeon uses laparoscopic equipment to place the silicone band in the right place. For adjusting purposes, the band is connected by a tube to a reservoir of saline. This reservoir is placed below the skin during the surgical process. Control is achieved through injection of saline into the band, through tube, to tighten it or through removal, via same channel, to loosen it. This makes the process reversible as the band can also be completely loosened or removed.

Gastric bypass vs gastric band come with a number of pros and cons. Gastric bypass is a reliable method in weight reduction. Among all other weight-loss surgery...

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