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Get Your Free Meal Essay

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There has to be nothing worse than receiving poor service and food at one of your favorite eateries and the only solution to the problem is to complain. It is important to complain in a clear and effective manner for many consider making a scene in a restaurant as a show of immaturity and self-entitlement; that is only because they don’t understand the subtle nuances and finesse that goes into it. Making an effective complaint is an art and if done right, it can make not only make your meal better, you may even get it for free.
The first thing you need to do in order to make an effective complaint is to clearly identify what it is you wish to complain about. To begin with, you need to find your major focus—was it the quality of food? The lack of attention your server is paying attention to you? The noisy family with young children behind you? Having a clear idea of what it is that has upset you gives you the moral justification to make a complaint. ...view middle of the document...

After finding all the faults with the restaurant it is time to move on to the next step—voice your complaint to your server. The first part of this step is to blindside your server as he is often the person you see most. As is usually custom in restaurants, after serving you your food, your server will return to the table to ask how it is. At this moment you voice your primary complaint and it is vital that you do not hesitate. As the server begins to respond, usually with a weak “Oh, I’m sorry”, interrupt him and demand to see the manager. This is often done with a slight smirk and after giving a quick scoff or a few critiques of your server himself, just so he understands that you mean business and he is not worth your time.
This moves us on to the final and most important step of blaming the manager for everything. The purpose of making a complaint at a restaurant is to gain one thing—a free meal. Your server doesn’t have this type of power; he is just the gateway to the manager. In order for your complaint to the manager to work well, you need to be loud and angry, which won’t be a problem for someone of your attitude and temperament. Ensure you constantly blame her for every problem you found. I find it useful to use such phrases as “What type of establishment are you running?” or “You clearly have no idea what you’re doing.” Next is your rebuttal to everything the manager might say. For example, if she says, “I’m sorry, I’ll fix this right away!” you need to respond with “You better!” followed by a list of demands. Make sure she understands that everything she may try to do is not good enough and that you are accepting her offer of a free dessert only because you are kind and generous.
If the unthinkable happens and you do not receive any type of compensation, it is time to move on to the last step—make a scene. While doing this, remember that it is not your fault it is happening; it is the staff and their inability to serve you good food or compensate you in any way for not doing so. At this point, feel free to get creative. I prefer to yell at my server and his manager and then storm out without paying-- only after taking a last bite or two of my medium-supposed-to-be-rare steak, of course.

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