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These cute looking lazy creatures have more reason to live then there taken for. You may ask “Why the panda bear should live?” Or……”What’s they’re purpose here on earth?” Well truth is the giant panda is actually critical to our environment; this is because of the role they play in the bamboo forests. They roam and spread seeds facilitating the growth of veggies that other vegetarian like animals eat. The giant panda bears aren’t the only ones living in that same forest either. In the Yangtze Basin where the giant pandas live, the same forest is the home to a stunning amount of other amazingly rare wildlife. This proves they have a very good reason for being here on earth, they ...view middle of the document...

Although scientists do not know exactly why the giant panda bear is black and white, they suspect it’s for purposes of camouflage. The panda's thick, soft coat keeps it warm in the cold forests in its habitat. Giant pandas have large strong teeth and a very powerful jaw for crushing tough material of bamboo. Many people find these fluffy, lazy animals to be cute and harmless, but giant pandas can be as dangerous and territorial as any other bear in the world. When on all fours, giant pandas are an average of (2-3 ft.) tall at the shoulder and can get up to (4-6 ft.) long. They can weigh up to (220-250 lb.), with males being larger than females.
When pandas are around 4-8 years of age, they reach maturity and can reproduce, but female pandas are only able to become pregnant for 2-3 days each spring! The average panda would take 10 years to learn to reproduce when in the wild; the female panda takes 95-160 days to become pregnant, and then she will give birth. At first the newborn cub is blind, hairless, and tiny, weighing only about 85-140 g (3-5 oz.). Completely helpless, the cub cannot move much on its own for at least 3 months.
Reasons for their endangered status;
The giant panda is known for its beautiful furry coat and its love for bamboo. Well sadly these are the very things that are killing them. Pandas have a very rare and soft coat that people hunt and kill them for. It is then processed and made into a panda pelt sold for the lowest of 10,000. The growing population in china is forcing them to find other sources to make houses; the country has resorted to using bamboo. Well bamboo only reaches its flowering cycle every 30-120 years. Human activity - logging, animal grazing, and agriculture - are the major sources of habitat destruction. At regular intervals, ranging from 10 to 100 years depending on the species, individual bamboo species flower, seed, and die. Although bamboo regenerates from seed within a year, it can take up to 20 years before the bamboo can support a panda population again. Often, only one species of bamboo grows in an area. So once the bamboo flowers, the entire species of bamboo dies in a process called the bamboo dieback. It takes up to 10-15 years at least for the bamboo to grow back.
Pandas would usually migrate to other parts of china when this happens, but they have lost so much of their habitat to humans that migration has become increasingly difficult to even find other places to live. Well bamboo happens to be a huge source of protein the giant panda bear eats, and because they are mostly vegetarians they wouldn’t live very long without it. Another huge reason they are endangered is because they only mate through the months of March-May. Making things more complicated, a female can only conceive once a year. Being so young most pandas take ten years to figure out how to mate, this is because they only get one shot a year, being only ten tries. This is why letting them figure it out alone is out of the...

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