Globalization And Regional Institutions Essay

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In the field of human rights, the issues surrounding globalization are widely debated. Some argue that globalization is a scourge that destroys the unique and multifaceted cultures of the world; while others argue that it spreads universal ideals, such as the concept of human rights. Regional organizations fit into the idea of globalization by creating unifying ties between nations; sharing values, trade, and promoting a strengthened identity. The two most well-known and influential regional organizations are the European Union (EU), and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). While these two are the largest, they inspired many smaller organizations; a process which has increased the liberalization of international trade (Ardalan, 2).
Regional organizations are distinct from the ideas of a supranational government or the formation of a nation-state, although common policies may be implemented through the enforcement of treaties; each state ultimately maintains governmental control (Ardalan, 5). Regional organizations, refers to organizations that extend across regional areas, they often have strong ties to political and economic areas, and can influence the member states within their boundaries. Globalization denotes both a process and an outcome, created by the sharing of values and technological advances shared internationally.
Relationships between member-states are enhanced, such as by the advent of a common currency, such as 18 states of the European Union that use the Euro (European Commission). Values are spread throughout regional organizations, once again we can look to the European Union, to see how socialized schooling once found in some member countries was dissolved to conform to the desired standard, or to how entering trade agreements with the United States requires some form of commitment to human rights. States within a regional organization often must conform to the values of the organization, which increases globalization, through conformity and the abandonment of traditional and cultural values.
The unifying ties between members of regional organizations transcend many traditional boundaries and cultures. They can be agreements for trade, for economic growth, and for peace building. When values are shared throughout different states, it increases globalization. Peace agreements with NATO extend across parts of the former “Eastern-Europe” and Russia, also encompassing some parts of Asia. International peace, is a highly sought after ideal, which may come from a universal value system, which may be reached through the connections of regional organizations. Complete international globalization, is built off of peaceful delegations between partnerships and member states. Regionalization, can take on a role of peacekeeping, as member states are less-likely to wage war among each other, due to shared values in politics, security, culture and economic decision-making (Ardalan, 9).
As mentioned before, trade and...

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