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Imagine taking a language arts final and pulling an absolute blank. This test could be the difference between passing and failing this year, but every lesson taught has escaped memory. Scanning the test, a few unfamiliar words stand out. Adverb, subordinating conjunction, singular pronoun, what?! Palms sweating and heart racing, panic begins to take over. These terms were not covered in language arts class! A failing grade would be detrimental to grades and future plans. It counts for the majority of a language arts grade! All of this stress could have been prevented if grammar had been taken more seriously, but grammar can still be implemented. This is a wake-up call. Many students today struggle with finals, and they are not making this tedious testing period any easier. Yes, many study for hours, but are they studying the basics? Are they literate? Do they have a working knowledge of grammar: the foundation of English? For many, the answers to these questions are no. The answers should always be yes. Grammar is the most important component in language arts curriculum, because knowledge of grammar improves skills imperative for academic success.
Comprehension holds prevalence among all students. Comprehension can be defined as the action or capability of understanding something. Every day, someone uses (or should use) accurate grammar, as the importance of such a tool tends to be unfaltering. For example, in order to compose any ilk of an academic piece, one must completely understand the language that must be used to write such a piece. Scientific conclusions and lab reports specifically use Latin; knowledge of grammar can be applied to other languages and subjects. Therefore, mastery of grammar will accommodate the need for clear and concise Latin usage when writing a lab report. This will command the attention of the reader, accurately represent the experimental findings, and catalyze one’s ability to use Latin roots and such. Also, correct grammar may expedite the process of editing done in order for the report to be comprehended easily by the reader.
Furthermore, accurate grammar knowledge serves one when test-taking. For example, when taking a standardized test such as the English portion of the ACT, the need to use knowledge of grammar may emerge. If a questions uses an unfamiliar word, knowledge of grammar will be of service as far as identifying which part of speech the word belongs to, helping one glean knowledge of the word (origin, part of speech, synonyms). This may aid one in understanding what the word means. Also, basic grammar has been on the English portion of the ACT test in the past, so grammar knowledge will likely be examined in the future as well. With this information taken into consideration, grammar will likely be evaluated on additional standardized tests (the SAT, PSAT). Eventually passing a test such as the ACT will be essential for college admission. Passing the English portion of such examinations tends to be...

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