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Graphic Design
When I was young I would always draw all over my school books and whatever else I could get my hands on until it became a problem. My teachers began complaining about incomplete homework and class work because I spent too much time doodling on my notebooks and I agreed. Shortly after my mom bought me a computer and taught me how to use paint which is windows program to draw but the catch was I could only use it after my homework was completed. This is how I started doing designing on the computer. Graphic designing is the career I would like to go into because of the training required, the salary would give me stability, the future for the multimedia arts is always ...view middle of the document...

The most important responsibility a graphic designer has is meeting deadlines for projects because it could either make money or lose money. As a graphic designer I have to create a schedule for when meetings are scheduled, projects are estimated to be done, and when presentations are going to be completed. I have to manage my time very wisely because at first it may not seem like much but work slowly piles up and before I know it I would have these deadlines coming up all at once. Some of the detailed work activities are to meet with the management team to discuss ideas, create art from ideas, make presentations and explain products to customer representatives (America’s Career Info net). This shows how much work goes into a project and the daily tasks and responsibilities can be stressful but I personally like challenges so I think I could deal with the workload and at the same time make it so it doesn’t stress me out.
When it comes to the salary for most graphic designers they do not have the best income but in Washington the yearly salary is the highest. As entry level graphic the salary would be higher than the average in the US which would give me stability. The median yearly wage in Washington is $48,200 compared to the median yearly wage in the United States which is $44,200(America’s Career Info net). As a graphic designer I would gain experience working on many different projects and this could eventually land me a promotion or new job that would pay more. America’s Career Info Net shows that 25% of graphic designers who were paid the median hourly wage went from earning $21.22 an hour up to $28.55 and this may not seem like a huge difference, but when I looked at the impact this would make on my annual income by just earning $7.33 more it went from $44,100 a year to $59,400 a year. This shows how even an entry level graphic designer on average...

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