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Greater Incluence On Western Civilization Essay

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Western civilization mainly consists of modern-day Western Europe and North America. Have you ever wondered about the roots of western civilization? Well, the roots of western civilization is a very important thing that we should all have at least some knowledge on. It is basically about what some ancient civilizations has contributed to us today. There are many important achievements of these ancient civilizations that have had an impact on western civilization Such as, how their trading networks with each other made the ancient and modern world more diverse and multicultural, contributed to our many traditions and contributed to our way of life and the techonological and scientific ...view middle of the document...

For example, take a look at the National Capitol Columns monument in Washington, D.C. Greek mathematicians made contributions, such as, the well-familiar Pythagorean theorom and Euclid's axioms which were a basis for a series more complex proofs. In science, the early Greek philosophers found that the Earth was round but there is no record of how they discovered that idea. Western politics can be rooted back to the political philosophers of ancient Greece. Aristole's "Politics" examined the way a government in the many Greek city-states were constructed. As well as, Plato's dialougue "The Republic," which focused on the question: What is justice? It gave an idea as to what a just society should be like. This influenced western civilization because it gave a start to the ideas of a democracy, republic, and other systems of goverment.
Another civilization that made great influential contribtions to western civilization is the Ancient Roman civilization. Their impact on western civilization is mainly from its great Empire and Republic. Three of their greatest achievements were subjected in language, architecture, and their government and laws. The Romans would speak a language called Latin and this language had a great influence on the languages of Western Europe. Those languages derived from Latin were called Romance Languages. Some of the major romance languages are French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Romanian. Latin, as well as French, has a great influence on the English language but it is considered to be a Gemanic language. The Romans had a great impact with their architecture because they used concrete to make paved durable roads in which many of them are used today. The Romans also constructed...

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