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Greatest Injustice Essay

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During the past 40 years the greatest injustice has been happening in the world: twenty percent of the Amazon Rainforest has been cut down. The people who cut down the trees are profiting from the theft of timber and land from the inhabitants of the Amazon Rainforest. Its native tribes are being forced out by the black market sellers and are losing their homes. Mass extinctions of animal species have been occurring and will keep happening with the industrializing companies invading the largest natural rain forest in the world. With twenty percent of it already destroyed, oxygen in the atmosphere has decreased significantly. Every year an area larger than the state of Maryland will be ...view middle of the document...

Then when several highways were built, people with the dream of colonization went to the Brazilian Amazon to make a life there. Using the slash and burn method, new farmers made the unfertile soil full of rich nutrients. These farmers are clearing the trees to make room for their cattle, which would graze. After the soil returned to its poor state then the farmer would leave and use the same method from before to make room for more cattle. This process is the reason the Amazon Rainforest is going through deforestation. In the years before the colonization of the Amazon, the forest had an approximately area of 4.1 million km. Over the past 40 years, the Amazon Rainforest has lost almost 20 percent of its natural resources. The companies arrived at the conclusion to deforest the Amazon was when they found out that the rich soil was good enough to produce a very popular product: soybeans. With the companies polluting the soil, cutting trees, taking the native homes, and growing and taking soy products it has really gotten indescribably a bad place to live.
Not only are the native Amazonian tribes getting destroyed and corrupted by both the legal and illegal systems of Brazil, the animal species of the Amazon Rainforest have also been abandoned and devastated. According to the National Academy of Sciences there are an estimated, in a typical four square miles of the rainforest, 125 mammal species, 400 species of birds, 100 of reptiles, 60 of amphibians, and 150 different species of butterflies. If these species’ habitats are getting destroyed everyday then the animal population will eventually decline into extinction. The people that are committing these atrocious acts upon the Amazon Rainforest have done an extreme injustice upon the species of animals that reside there.
Now after 40 years of its deforesting, the Amazon Rainforest has become a dangerous place to live for both animals and the native tribes. Through the government’s use of highways and the illegal parties’ infiltrating the Amazon’s borders, a staggering twenty percent of the forest has been cut down. The illegal loggers usually take their roads to sneak into the rainforest and cut down the trees sell the mahogany logs to black markets...

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