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Group A Streptococcus (Flesh Eating Bacteria) Introduction Group A Streptococcus Can

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Group A Streptococcus (Flesh-Eating Bacteria) INTRODUCTION Group A Streptococcus can normally be found in the throat and on the skin. This strain of Strep causes mild to severe infections such as strep throat. A more virulent strain of GAS causes necrotizing fasciitis. Invasive infections of GAS are found in areas where the bacteria is not usually present.Streptococcus pyogenes infects the host by the following sequence of events. 1.The bacteria produces pyrogenic exotoxins A and or B, which can be found in severe infections. The exotoxins are toxins that are released extracellularly as the organism grows.2.The exotoxins and the surface M-proteins act as superantigens. Superantigens cause the host damage by massive stimulation of the immune system.3.The antigen binds to the Beta-chain of the T-cell receptor in a location that is not the normal binding site.4.Leads to overproduction of T-cells in the area of bacterial growth 5.The T-cells secrete large amounts of effector cells causing inflammation, tissue destruction, and death in approximately 30% of cases. This tissue destruction is what gives this strain of Strep the name "flesh-eating bacteria". The bacteria spread so quickly because they secretes streptokinase, a fibrinolytic substance that dissolves clots that would have otherwise prevented further growth and invasion.NECROTIZING FASCIITIS Necrotizing fasciitis is an infection of the soft tissue that causes necrosis of fascia and subcutaneous tissue. It most commonly affects areas of the groin, abdomen, or extremities, but can attack almost anywhere. It is one of the fastest spreading infections known, and without treatment can lead to death.The infection usually develops in the following manner: Opening in skin is present Exposure to Strep Type A bacteria, usually an invasive strain Bacteria grows and releases toxins Discomfort in region where bacteria infected skin Pain worsens and flu-symptoms develop Area swells, becomes red, hot and painful Large, black blisters form as infection spreads and develops The...

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