Gun Control: Should It Be Harsher Or Not?

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In the United States, gun control is questionable; should gun control laws be harsher or not? Some people believe that only the military and police should have the right or option to own and/or carry a gun. Others will argue that an individual should have an option to own and/or carry a gun or not. The gun control law known as “The Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA)” (Congressional Digest 2013), mandates and enforces who can buy, sell, or have possession of a hand gun, riffle, or any type of firearm. This Gun Control Act is led by the government and FBI. In the Gun Control Act it restricts what type of firearm and how much ammunition an individual can purchase.
The gun control laws have a ...view middle of the document... As a result from this crosscheck, you will get one of three outcomes which are, “proceed” with transaction, “denied” due to a record being found restricting the individual from owning or purchasing a firearm, or “delayed” indicating that there needs to be further investigation by a National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NCIS) examiner.
One of the negatives to stricter gun laws would be United States citizens losing the right to own or purchase a firearm of any kind. If the right to own or purchase a firearm then that would decrease the chance of an individual being able to defend themselves or protect their families and their property. Other than defending themselves and protecting their families and properties it could also keep the government from becoming over bearing and taking over since an individual would not be able to stop the government with any firearms. Although a lot of people use firearms for other things as well such as recreations. By an individual not being able to participate in certain recreations such as hunting that can affect other things also like feeding their families for the people who hunt the food that they provide for their family it could cause a decrease in the supply of the food that is provided for their families to survive on. It would also take out some recreational sports such as skeet shooting, target shooting.
According to the National Vital Statistics Reports for 2010 the research and statistics show that the following are mortality rates in these categories: All injury deaths: Number of deaths- 180,811; Deaths per 100,000 population- 58.6, All poisoning deaths: Number of deaths- 42,917; Deaths per 100,000 population- 13.9; Motor Vehicle traffic deaths: Number of deaths- 33,687; Deaths per 100,000 population- 10.9;...

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