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Gun Restrictions Are Unconstitutional Essay

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The effect of our gun policy can be seen in this unbelievable statistic : More Americans have died from guns here in the United States since 1970 (nearly 1.4 million) than American soldiers have died in all the wars in our country’s history for over 200 years (about 1.2 million). This shows how certain people want specific or all types of weapons to be banned, such as assault rifles or military type firearms, although there are many good arguments from supporters against anti gun groups. They mainly explain how it is unconstitutional, self defense reasons and how violence is a problem.
First, the restriction or banning of guns from United States citizens is heavily unconstitutional and ...view middle of the document...

There are laws that “allows any law-abiding citizen to carry a concealed pistol, that has spread to 40 states across the United States since 1987” (Watkins). However, people think with more guns in society, comes more violence in the streets. The truth is that violence in society is the big problem, not guns. The violence with shootings is mostly a matter of psychological reasons and does not involve weapon ownership to the shooters. Obviously to the public, “It does not take a specific type of weapon or a certain number of rounds to commit a mass murder; it takes a madman and a contained group of victims with no ability to defend themselves” (Watkins). The fact is that a normal citizen does not become a killer because they have possession of a firearm around other people.
However, there is a common counter-argument by anti gun groups. They think that stronger gun control laws will save lives and prevent crimes further in the future. They mostly want assault rifles, military grade weapons or guns that hold more than ten rounds in the magazine to be banned. Although people own guns for self protection, “studies have shown that a gun in the home increases the risk of firearm related death or injury to a household member”(Watkins). Anti gun groups usually compare and contrast guns to everyday objects that might be equally as dangerous, so they can prove that firearms are dangerous around society. They set examples such as cars or heavy machinery, “The upshot is...

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