Hamlet And Shadow Of A Man For A Feminist Point Of View

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William Shakespeare's Hamlet centers on the internal struggle of the Prince ofDenmark. Cherrie Moraga's Shadow of a Man centers on the Rodriguez family during1969 in Los Angeles, California. Most readers are focused on the words and the actionsof these two stories only. Often overlooked and unappreciated are the stories femalescharacters such as Queen Gertrude of Denmark, Ophelia both of Hamlet and Hortensia,Rosario, Lupe and Leticia from Shadow of a man. As one author states, "Thanks tofeminist criticism, gender is not indissolvably fixed in Shakespeare. Male characters canprofitably incorporate female characters and women characters can assume masculineones"(Kolin 5)In the Shadow of a Man, Hortensia is the minor female character. She is marriedto Manuel Rodriguez . They had two beautiful daughters, Lupe and Leticia. The timesetting is the late 1960's and at that time women really did not have a voice. They weremore along the line of being seen and not heard. Hortensia in this story representsstrength and love. In the sense of strength, she tries to hold the family together whileManuel goes out and becomes and alcoholic. While in the sense of love she uses herlove for her children to deal with her issues with Manuel.One of the voices rarely noted in Hamlet is that of Queen Gertrude of Denmark,Hamlet's betraying mother and Claudius's sister-in-law made wife. Gertrude has manyof the darker and more mysterious qualities of both Claudius and Hamlet. Herreflections of Hamlet are her feelings of confusion and unsure loyalty. These are someof Hamlet's deep-seated weaknesses. Gertrude's tratiorness reflects the dark part ofClaudius.Even as being Hamlet's mother, she still has a lot of the evil that is with inClaudius and because of this, Hamlet has a lot of antagonism towards her. She offersher mother love and understanding when she says, "Let not thy mother lose herprayers, Hamlet. I pray thee, stay with us, go not to Wittenberg." (Kalaidjian 1482).Here she is expressing her simple love and desire to remain close to Hamlet.Rosario, in the Shadow...

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