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Happiness Does Not Belong Essay

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A silence descended upon the eerie atmosphere, Eponine instantaneously turned her back away from Enjolras. The firelight shadows could hide her tears, if she were to see the disgust in his eyes; it would shatter her to pieces. Therefore, her surprise is understandable when she deeply felt soft fingers grace hers. With a trembling body, she sparked the courage to finally meet her eyes. Her heart tightened at the sight of sympathy in his luminous eyes; no trace of disgust, none whatsoever. Instinctively, his fingers laced through hers; with sweet passion. With their delicate closeness, she could trace the curve of his lips. For once, she was not ashamed of her sensational feelings.
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“I’m not making excuses for you, why do you always take the wrong side of what I say? You want to be punished? Your punishment was served every time you earned those scars! Do I agree with the things you did, of course not! Nevertheless, I understand why you did.” Bravely, he stepped forward; his body pressed against hers. His hands rested against the fullest parts of her cheeks; his eyes filled with desperation. “You are not an angel! You are not innocent! No-one is. I am a spoilt, rich boy that has an idealistic view of the world, never grasping how dark the world truly is. I can be naïve. I can be blindly faithful, but I am trying to change.” Eponine’s rage had quenched, her heart was still pounding. Not from negative imagined so fury, but at the sight of Enjolras’ harsh honesty.
“You began to repent for your sins the minute you saved your brother, the minute you saved Monsieur Guilmette, the minute you gave Marius the letter, the minute you saved Cosette from Montparnasse!” A blustering hero, he did not know why, but his furious countenance transformed into a joyful smile. He had never paused to realise how far Eponine’s journey had come. She is a thing of gracefulness, of vivacity and pleasure; she had shaped herself for the better, and an in turn; she had shaped him for the better. Seeing him beam awoke a mighty lust within her, it was love. She felt love. He only, zealously became more animated with his declaration of admiration.
“The criminal in...

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