Happy New Year: 6 Resolutions For The Software Programmers

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Summary: The New Year has already started with a bang, opening the door for the newer phase of the technological revolution. What resolutions have you taken for the New Year as a Software Developer? This article can act as the guiding light to kick start the New Year.
Maybe when this post will be published, we would already be witnessing the dawning of the New Year. It is more than high-time that you as a software developer would have stopped jotting down the resolutions for the newborn year. Here are some resolutions of our own, which will help you in the rectifying the list, you have made on your own before you begin the New Year. So here it comes, the list, which will help you in kick ...view middle of the document...

No business is possible without social networking nowadays. If you want to increase your exposure your endeavor in a global level, social networking can be the best option. You should expose yourself to wider set of niche target audience. Strike a discussion with them on Facebook; know more about the software developments, which are getting popular through the Tweets of the people. You can comment on their article or rather have an article of your own. Take the help of social community sites such as Git Hub and share your codes. Interpersonal things do matter in building referrals.
4. Resolve to Take Up Programming Practices
For an IT software programmer, coding practices are essential. This year whenever you are beginning a coding practice, never forget to implement the versioning history of it. This will help in making the coding history much cleaner. Never, I mean, never forget to document the things you are planning to code. Depending on the priority, it is how you would be documenting.
5. Make Resource and Time Management A Part of your Resolution
This year, promise not to get distracted, when you are sitting at your work console. Today your tool for development can be your...

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