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Herion Essay

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I. Reference- Logan, Dan. (2001). Article on Heroin. People Magazine Weekly, 83-87.II. Knowledge- I know that heroin addiction is a serious drug problem that some people have.Users who are addicted to heroin may have first started out using it as a muscle enhancer to help build up muscles. When people use this drug, they become very lazy and never feel like doing anything, not even going to school or a job at work. Heroin is a very addictive drug that can cause death if it is taken too much at one time. Heroin is a very "sneaky" drug, in a way that when the user takes it, people usually can't recognize that the person is on drugs; they just think that the person is sick or being lazy. Researchers need to find a better cure, and, most importantly, why people start taking it. Too many people are dying from it, and we need to find out why, before it takes over too many of lives.III. Summary- This article was about superstar Barbara Eden, and her son, Matthew, who died of a heroin overdose a year ago. While Matthew was on heroin, Barbara Eden never figured it out, until her son was dead. His family often wondered why he had dropped out of school and didn't do anything. Parents who have relatives with a drug addiction would most benefit from this article, because the story is told by Barbara Eden, and she gives helpful hints that may help family members of drug-addicted people. When people are heroin-addicted, they don't get up and do anything, they just become "lazy". After a while, when the heroin gets to be too much for the person's heart, they could become very ill and possibly die. People on heroin start out with little doses at a time, and then...

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