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Heterosexism Essay

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David D. Solomon Dr. P. C. Campbell Sociology 105, Section B 11 May, 2002 Heterosexism, are we a confused society? Where do you fit in? If you have a Christian belief, you may have already been labeled as practicing heterosexism. Queens University provides a definition as a; negative valuing, stereotyping, and discriminatory treatment of individuals and groups who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans-identified, those perceived to be so, and those affiliated with them. For the God fearing majority, the Bible has already answered the act of Homosexuality, as being sinful in nature and this was a primary reason he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Today our society struggles to do what is right for all of its people, but what is right and how do we answer these questions? Throughout the next few paragraphs I will provide information as uncovered by our textbooks, then move on to information as I gained from other research reading material to include the Bible (King James Version), and finally provide a summary of how I feel after researching my material. Lets now start by looking how the textbook introduces the material.First, our textbook introduces homophobia and homohatred. Homophobia is frequently used to describe reactions in the United States to individuals with a sexual orientation of either gay or lesbian. A phobia is defined by the Cambridge dictionary; as an extreme fear of a particular thing or situation, especially one that cannot be reasonably explained, and homophobia refers to a fear of homosexuals and homosexuality (Neubeck, 338). Many of these fears, are then blamed on and contribute to the problems with homohatred. This tends to be the open or tactile hate that is expressed towards the homosexual part of society. Marshal Kirk and Hunter Madsen basically said that homophobia should be left for the psychiatric cases that should be treated and the word homohatred should be used for the labeling of the attitude (Neubeck, 339). According to our textbooks homohatred can take many forms, including name-calling, intentional interpersonal slights and social ostracism, and physical assaults that extend from beating, and in some cases, murder. If we look at the analysis by the U.S. Department of Justice, it shows that people who are gay are probably the most frequent victims of ?hate crimes? involving violence. When gay males and lesbians were surveyed, the report showed verbal abuse and physical assault were often the result by their peers and even family members (Neubeck, 339). In 1989 the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, surveyed 119 gay community organizations in over 40 states, and learned of over 7,000 hate crimes against people who are gay, including 62 murders). In 1990 President George Bush finally signed the National Hate Crimes Statistics act into law. This law required the U.S. Department of Justice to gather data for the first time on crimes committed against people on the basis of their sexual orientation (as well as on crimes...

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