History Of Sweden Shipbuilding Essay

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Shipbuilding in Sweden
Sweden is a northern European country located between Finland and Norway. The country shares its borders with the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, Kattegat, and Skagerrak. Although known as a military powerhouse in the 17th century, Sweden has remained a neutral country and has not participated in any of the World Wars in modern history. A former agricultural based country, Sweden has evolved into a highly industrialized one, with its rich resources of iron, hydroelectric, and timber. The rich resources also allowed the country to develop metal products, automotive, machinery, transport equipment, and paper products. In recent years, Sweden also developed its information ...view middle of the document...

By the mid-19th century, the demand for ships grew as international trade and migration especially to the United States increased. Shipbuilding became very vital to a robust international trade. The significant demand for consumer goods in various parts of the world was a key driver in the development of the shipbuilding industry in Sweden. Nevertheless, available statistics on the Swedish shipyards had been diffused.
One important fact on Sweden was its geography. In the early 19th century, Finland was still part of Sweden until 1809, and most Swedish shipyards were either located in Finland or the northern part of Sweden around the Baltic Sea. After 1809, Finland no longer supplied the resources for shipbuilding. Nevertheless, the loss of Finland was a boon to Sweden as the shipbuilding industry become more lucrative, and Sweden was able to pursue its development on the Swedish side of the Baltic Sea.
Sweden was accompanied by the growth of its metal industry and foundries. One of the Swedish pioneers of the new industry was Samuel Owen, who started a foundry and workshop in Kungsholmen, Stockholm in 1809. Owen was familiar with the steam engine...

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